Workshops can be made in our studio or, if you wish, we can freely travel to you 🙂

A pleasant time with a circle of friends, a group of companions, a class, a family, or a number of different groups.

Prices include materials and instruction

Languages: Estonian, English

The minimum number of participants in our studio is 5 people, maximum 20 people

*** In the event of your place, the minimum of participants is at least 12 people and the cost of the time spent on transport and driving will be added to the product prices.

Advanced booking required!

phone: +372 5646 0045
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Designing wooden CUTTING BOARD /160×250 mm, 170×300 mm/ 
Price:  28€
Duration: app. 1,5-2 hour


Designing wooden PAN SHOVEL
Price: 15€
Duration: app. 0,5-1 hour


Designing wooden SALAD SERVERS /pair/
Price: 18€
Duration: app. 1 hour


Designing wooden  ROLLING PIN
Price: 20€
Duration: app. 1,5 hour

IMG_1857 vaasvaas_1

Designing PLYWOOD SIGN /250x100mm/
Price:  18€
Duration: app. 1 hour

IMG_9271 silt_80_vaasvaas

Designing wooden KEY RACK /150×150, 200×100 mm/ 
Price:  25€
Duration: app. 1,5-2 hour

DSCN8804 DSCN8795

Designing wooden WALL CLOCK /O250 mm, 250x250mm/
Price:  45€
Duration: app. 1,5-2 hour

Seinakell_wallclock_O25cm_vineer_9 Seinakell_wallclock_30x30cm_vineer_25