There are a Estonia’s jubilee year showroom to entroduce the active business of Pärnu County in Pärnu new Bus Station.

Idea and execution Vaas&Vaas with Lahendaarium,
Pärnu Linnavalitsus ja Pärnumaa Ühistranspordikeskus.


Entrepreneurship in Pärnu County – centuries-long tradition

Pärnu has always been the city of industrious people and in the past one hundred years, dozens of successful factories, plants and enterprises have thrived here. Pärnu was the home of the most modern meal mill of its time and the Cibus bread factory. The oldest metalworking facility started its work in 1877 and the two lamp posts manufactured by them are still standing in the central bus station. The local bathing facility opened its door to the first guests in 1838, giving a start to the legendary resort of Pärnu, offering warm seawater baths in summer and the opportunity to take “cold” dips in the sea. In winter, the bathing facility operated as a sauna. In the early years of the Republic of Estonia, the fish canning factory Dessert was in operation in Pärnu along with a brewery that started producing soft drinks in exactly the year when the Republic was founded. The Soviet times made Pärnu famous due to its machinery factory, linen factory, dairy factory and meat production. Visu Ski Factory operated in the city for 65 years and was the largest employer in Pärnu for decades.

The underlying idea of the showroom of the enterprises of Pärnu is based on the core Estonian values: sauna, bathing, sleeping, partying and food. The sauna has been appreciated in Estonia throughout the years: it has been said overgenerations that the heat of the sauna is better than warm bread. Today, 36 different saunas are found in the spas of Pärnu.

A solid sauna stove is regarded to be the heart of each sauna. One of the most renowned manufacturers of wood-fired sauna stoves of Estonia is Skamet.

Everything needed for a sauna, from construction materials to the soap and birch bundles, can be acquired from Pärnu Saunapood.

Top-grade Nordic furniture is produced by Skano, the dignified successor of the Integrated Industrial Plant of Pärnu County and the later Viisnurk founded in 1945.

Pomar, the successor of the footwear factory of Pärnu, is producing comfortable high-quality shoes mainly for foreign markets.

Trimtex, who has just moved to their new facilities, is producing weatherproof and comfortable sportswear. The head office of the company is located in Norway and most of the production is sold abroad.

Vecta Design, which has been recognised as a successful enterprise of Pärnu County for several years, is the only professional manufacturer of stretch ceilings. Most of the production is exported.

Woodbright is a family business from Libatse producing windcandles to environmentally conscious clients who appreciate the glow of a live flame.

Kallekorvid is the result of the work of a small and eager team creating high-quality homewares from bent plywood and wood chips.

The unusual name of the young family business Magrada means “I like” in Catalan. Their soaps, body care and spa products have been created in Estonia, the biggest asset of which is its pure nature.

The largest employer in Pärnu and a successful exporter is without doubt the bedding factory Wendre, whose soft pillows, warm blankets and comfortable mattresses are appreciated in millions of homes all over the world.

The city’s most-visited music festival Weekend 2017 brought 75,000 guests to the city to see the world-famous acts of Avicii, Martin Garrix, Tiësto and many others.

Pernauer craft beer is a result of cooperation of Pärnu entrepreneurs, whose aim was to to start again local beer production in Pärnu. Beer is made of the best Pärnu water and can be found in the best restaurants around the city.

Estonia Spa dates back to 1890, when the first medical resort was opened in Pärnu. From the year 1947, today’s Estonia Spa was called Medical Resort No. 1. In 1967, all of the medical resorts in Pärnu received names instead of numbers and the flagship medical resort No.1 was named Estonia. Pärnu can proudly call itself the spa capital!

Many Thanks to Balteco and FEB  for beautiful bath AZUR and to Viram  for wooden door 🙂

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